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Read Innocent stories online.
Click here to read the webcomic Grangerisms which features many Innocent stories & art. 

"A quick and captivating read, the stories and dialogue are uniformly great." Joey A. Kane, Foreword Magazine

"...unforeseen and honestly unforgettable gem of a book..." Dave Baxter, Broken Frontier

"Welcome to the bizarre world of Innocent," Marc Schuster, Small Press Reviews

"A sophisticated story featuring characters that are intrinsically interesting and a bit more than casually sophisticated, “Innocent” is the first volume of a graphic novel series that can be confidently recommended to the attention of science fiction and fantasy fans in general, and graphic novel buffs in particular — and will lead readers in both groups looking eagerly toward the next installment of this debut effort.” Midwest Book Review


King Tractor Press
Two Versions/Covers:

Art by Tony De Zuniga, Nei Ruffino, Jennifer Aponte, Nando, Daniel Zeta, Mannie Abeleda, and Daniel Vera

Innocent is about an angel and a psychopath who become best friends. They spend their days discussing human existence, sipping lattes, and fighting demons. These evil foes are born in hell, but sometimes are the earth-grown kind.

Innocent is a story that mixes "Blade" with "Pulp Fiction". It's a smart, action-packed story that sprinkles in a few laughs. Two complete opposites who find that they've got more in common than they could know. Innocent struggles to keep David in check, fearing that one day he'll go too far. David knows that he could become Innocent's target if he let's himself free to pursue his desires. He doesn't know that sometimes Innocent feels himself falling, letting anger get the best of him. David doesn't know how close Innocent has been to becoming what he hates.

Innocent collects the "Innocent" web-comic from 2006-2007 plus more than 57 pages of new story that hasn't been previously available on-line. It's written by Shawn Granger, the writer of the successful horror, true crime series "Family Bones".

Tony De Zuniga cover
Genre: Fantasy
Diamond #NOV073695
ISBN 0-9787486-3-8
ISBN13 978-0-9787486-3-0

Available @ Mile High Comics    click here.


Kerem Beyit cover
Genre: Fantasy
Diamond #NOV073695
ISBN 0-9787486-2-X
ISBN13 978-0-9787486-2-3

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